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Doesn't Expire

This multi-functional Castor Oil will take care of just about any of your bodys issues. If you need healthier, thicker hair, look no further. If your skin is facing some pesky problems, we have what you need. Your body can struggle from time to time, and our Castor Oil is capable of helping you tackle nearly anything.

More is Better:

Premium Grade: 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil, hexane-free extraction. Only the best Castor seeds hand-picked and extracted by a cold press to preserve the botanical actives and triple refined for the highest quality grade. Stored in a large 16-ounce bottle.
100% Natural and Pure: Produced with the highest quality standards using real castor oil, sourced directly from organic artisanal farmers in India. Expeller pressed oil: The organic Castor Oil from Rachelle Parker is processed mechanically without heat or chemical substances like hexane. This way, it retains all the healing properties of the oil, without any harmful additives or ingredients.
All-In-One Skin Care: Fall in love with blemish free, supple, healthy-looking skin. Remove dirt, make-up, and dry skin from your face and give it a fresh and clean appearance. Helps to fight acne, reduce acne scars, and moisturize skin. Dont deal with dry, flaky skin anymore. Rediscover smooth skin and fight wrinkles, stretch marks, dark circles, eye bags, and much more.
Ultimate Hair Care: Enjoy having thick and healthy hair once again. Say goodbye to shedding, breakage, tangles, thinning, brittle ends, and dandruff. Say hello to shiny and luxurious hair.