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The Hurricane Professional Spin Mop with Dolly System is built to handle large spaces such as hotels, commercial kitchens, schools and retail stores. To use the mop system, first submerge the mop in the bucket. Then, place the mop into the basket and pump the handle to spin the mop at over 1,000 rotations per minute. Centrifugal force removes moisture, dirt and debris, cleaning the head and allowing you to control the level of moisture in the mop. Then, simply lock the handle and begin mopping. It is machine washable and is also effective as a dry mop.

The machine-washable Hurricane Spin Mop head has thousands of microfiber strands that trap dirt, grime, and liquids without drips or leaks.
It is also effective as a dry mop, attracting dust, hair, and other debris.
Built-in centrifugal spinner spins away dirt and debris!The Professional Spin Mop Head is 50% larger than the Consumer Spin Mop Head!